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Hea & Co Pure Spanish Saffron 1g
Hea & Co Pure Spanish Saffron 1g

Hea & Co Pure Spanish Saffron 1g

Pure Spanish Saffron Coupe 1gram, 1 pack supplied

Quantity: 1g, Manufacturer: hea & Co

Saffron bitter, herb, sharp flavour. With Saffron Spiced dye Golden Yellow.

It must be protected against light and moisture, as the spice to your light quick fade over time.

Quality 1g pure Spanish Saffron. No added flavour enhancers or flavours. Comes in a small sealed container to ensure freshness and quality are retained A perfect addition to enhance you recipes - Grind and soak a small quantity of saffron in hot water. Saffron is versatile and used in cuisines from around the world. Used in Paella, saffron rice, Lamb tagine, Biriyanis, cakes, puddings, creme caramels, curries, stews, casseroles, risottos, chicken kebabs, it's also used in tea. Used in all sorts of foods for its amazing golden colour and beautifully subtle flavour. Saffron, while a great flavour on it own, does combine well with certain other flavours like, almond, anise and fennel, cardamom, lemon, nutmeg, orange and hubarb, it also works well with shellfish, lamb, chicken, potatoes and cauliflower Keep away from direct sunlight, direct sunlight will cause saffron to lose its colour and fragrance.
Hea & Co Pure Spanish Saffron 1g
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