Bart Saffron 0.4 g

Bart Saffron 0.4 g

Bart Saffron 0.4 g

Bart Spanish Saffron Spice - Handpicked in Spain for Pasta, Paella, Bread Dough, Chicken Casserole and Chicken Tikka Dishes with Innovative Spoonkler Cap Herbs and Spices - 0.4g Jar

Saffron is one of the oldest and most sought after spices throughout history -Our saffron is premium quality grade 1 standard

IDEAL FOR A PAELLA - Bart saffron makes for the perfect ingredient when added to a Spanish paella, French bouillabaisse or Italian risotto Milanese - Saffron can also be used when added to a tomato based sauce

HAND SELECTED IN SPAIN - Our saffron is hand selected in Spain and these red fibres come from the dried stigmas of the Crocus flower HANDY SPOONKLER CAP - Easily sprinkle your saffron spice onto your choice of dish or simply spoon it out with the innovative Spoonkler cap for maximum convenience

PACKED IN THE UK - At Bart we take pride in our ingredients and only source the best quality available - Nothing artificial and no bulking agents while being packed here in the UK

  • Manufacturer: BART

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